Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Questline | Full Walkthrough

Wall-E is just one of the many unique companions that you’ll hang out with in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The shy robot has transitioned from his ruined realm of pollution and onto the Valley, where he’s willing to make his presence worthwhile. For that, we’ll need to give the little guy a hand through his character quests. He has several ideas in mind, and it’s up to us, the heroes, to ensure that those ideas come to fruition. We’ve put together the famous Pixar character’s quests into this guide to give you a hand in case you find yourself having trouble understanding Wall-E’s compressed dialogue.

How to Complete All Wall-E Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Complete All Wall-E QuestsThe Broken Memory” before, we’ll briefly go through it here for the complete questline. Basically, Wall-E is configuring the aforementioned machine from the previous quest. He needs a few components for this mission. Firstly, go into his home to locate a circuit board. Provide this item to him, and he’ll be able to fix the device. He’ll then walk with us to the Castle, where we’ll make our grand reappearance into his realm. Next, you’ll notice some sparkling spots on the ground for you to dig up. Equip your shovel then go at it. You’ll soon find yourself gathering another device to bring back to Wall-E.

Of course, we’re not done quite yet. Wall-E is requesting 12 Tinkering Parts for the final aspect of the quest. You can make these via the Crafting Station by utilizing Iron Ingots. 3 Tinkering Parts can be crafted by throwing in 2 Iron Ingots for each set. When you’ve collected the right amount for Wall-E, you can then deliver them to him to conclude this quest.

A Friendly Exchange

For Wall-E’s final quest, you need to max out his friendship status to 10. From there, your next quest’s hidden requirement merely reads, “???”. For this one, clear out Night Thorns until another Wall-E memory appears. Take this memory to our robot pal, and he’ll share the connection with it. It involves Ariel, and he wishes to bring her gifts. We then go to Ariel for them to meet, where two different lines of dialogue will occur for you: one from Ariel and one from Wall-E.

The next objective requires us to locate a few items throughout the Valley. We need a bowling pin, a light bulb, and a toy train. The bowling pin is stashed at Goofy’s house; the light bulb can be found at Wall-E’s residence; the toy train is located at Mickey’s place. They’ll emit a slight sparkling animation, much like the other uncommon items that we can pick up in the game. The final step brings us back to Wall-E, who is ready to present the gifts to Ariel. Once they meet up, allow them to exchange words with each other. When their conversation comes to a close, speak with Wall-E one last time, and you will have completed his entire questline. Nice job, adventurer!

As we all know, completing these character quests will take time. Regardless, we’re having tons of fun just hanging with these wonderful characters! Be sure to stick around for more guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley with these additional tips:

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