Persona 5 Strikers trophies not showing? Don’t worry, the fix is incredibly easy.

The hype for Persona 5 Strikers has been real and I, for one, have been feeling it. As some people have gotten the game early, I’ve been cautiously looking over their shoulders for any kind of sneak peeks at what the game looks like. Something I’ve noticed in all my snooping is that people playing the game on the PS4 aren’t having their trophies pop. If your Persona 5 Strikers trophies are not showing, fret not. Here’s the super simple fix to that problem.

How to fix Persona 5 Strikers trophies not showing:

Just wait! The game officially comes out in the West today so if you’ve gotten your hands on the game early that would be the reason for your trophies not to pop. That sort of thing happens frequently when people are given access to a game before its official release. If you bought the deluxe edition of the game, then you were most likely playing it early.

Now that the game has gone live, you should see all the trophies you’ve earned show up on your trophy list.

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