A guide to this week’s more goofy challenge.

Ever since its Battle Royale mode launched in 2017, Fortnite has been the top dog in the genre. With new seasons, events, and updates being added to the game on a regular basis, players always find a reason to come back. The Season 5 Week 13 challenges went live today and while most of them are pretty straightforward, “Throw Fruit at Hunter’s Haven” left a lot of us scratching our heads. Here’s how to do it:

Like the other challenges, this one is also really simple once you know what to do and where to go.

1. Jump off the Battle Bus and land in Hunter’s Haven.

2. Look for a building in the southeast part of the area that has a kitchen inside (it should be just under the “a” and “v” in “Hunter’s Haven” on your minimap.)

3. Inside the kitchen, look for a box on the counter full of produce.

4. Search the box.

5. Pick up one of the random fruit items that came out of the box.

6. Throw it by aiming with the left trigger and throwing it with the right.

7. Go pick up the fruit you just threw and do it again until you’ve completed the challenge.

There you have it! It’s pretty simple to throw fruit at Hunter’s Haven once you know where to go. It should be noted that you can do this with any fruit item in the area, but finding the kitchen with the produce box is a pretty sure-fire way to always find the necessary items.

Also, make sure to aim the fruit by pulling the left trigger before throwing it as simply pulling the right trigger will have you eat it to regain health and the item will disappear.

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