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Welcome to planet ZDR, bounty hunter. Metroid Dread brings the horrifying elements of outer space to the forefront of modern Switch gameplay. And with Samus as your protagonist, you’re going to need to be able to explore every nook and cranny! Metroid Dread upgrades are critical to your progress, and you’ll be going back and forth during your journey to collect them all. If you’re worried that you missed an upgrade, we’ve got you covered!

All Metroid Dread Upgrades In Order

There are 25 different upgrades to collect in Metroid Dread, not including energy tanks or increases to missile capacity. These are the upgrades that will give you new abilities or allow you to access new areas. The catch is that you can’t reach later upgrades until you’ve found the previous ones.

As such, it’s possible to work your way through the game following the path of upgrades in order. This is especially helpful if you’re wondering where to go next after the Space Jump or Grapple Beam, for instance. Granted, some of these can be earned early. But by and large, you can complete all of Metroid Dread by collecting these upgrades in this order.

1) Charge Beam

Samus charges her gun and fires it out. You’ll need to destroy a fake block in Artaria, in the southwest corner of the map. Just keep going to the lower left after crushing the fake block; you can’t miss it!

2) Spider Magnet

A little climbing tool. To get it, destroy the Central Unit in Artaria to get the Omega Cannon, then fight the nearby EMMI. Use the Stream to melt it’s armor and the Blaster to destroy its head. Then, loot the body!

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