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Switch To Red

Classic casual puzzle games. You just have to turn all the blocks red. But the one you click on…

Paint Puzzle

Nice picture missing some color! Can you help to complete the color? The colors you see don’t have to…

Chain Cube 2048 3D

Have you ever played 2048? This is the 3D cube version of 2048. All you have to do is…

Shape of Water

Shape of Water is fun and challenging game suitable for all ages. You need to make a road for…

Brush Hit

Brush Hit is a relaxing game for kids. You only need to brush them on colorful. You need to…

Air Strike

Destroy the enemies to collect coins and get better Airships Arrows to move Space to use special ability Mouse…

Bead Sort Online

Move the ball to a grid of the same color. Tidy up.Tap to play

Rescue Plan – Flight…

The airport is in a bit of a mess and needs your help to get the plane to the…

Snake Puzzle

The snakes are trapped! Need your help to escape. Very simple but brain-burning casual puzzle game, here are 275…

HellCopter Online

Rescue begins. The entire building is occupied by a terrorist organization. There are men on every floor. You need…

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